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Service Dog Scam Artist Business


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Oh No Service Dog Scam Artist Business

Post by pwd-sd-awareness on Wed Nov 16, 2016 1:33 pm

G'Day Everybody,
I want to alert people about some scam artists going around selling untrained puppies as service dogs. This small business that may not really be a business at all is requiring clients to pay addition amount for Registration. In USA there is NO SUCH REQUIREMENT. Then the con artist is requiring additional fee per year to renew such Illegal Registration. People No Real Legit Service Dog Businesses are going to Require such Fees. Don't Be Con. And if a person says they could give you proof for anybody that needs a doctor's letter. It's a Red Flag. Report them to the Fraud Dept. of the DOJ....

Yes you saw it right I posted twice... It's really important that we put this out....

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