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Service Dog Rights or NOT


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Nooooo Service Dog Rights or NOT

Post by Admin on Tue Jul 19, 2016 3:45 pm

This post was posted on Craig List. Unfortunately I saw this a little too late as it was posted: 2016-07-16  and then updated: 2016-07-16. Therefore this individual had left.

Hey I'm going away TOMORROW for the week (Friday) and really need someone last minute to take care of my dog Max. He is about 9 years old and super smart. He is very easy to take care of. I need someone withOUT other dogs and an apartment or house to take him to. I can drop him off and pick him up. He is well trained and has a service dog vest so you can bring him anywhere you want. Even if you have a job he's used to being home alone for hours at a time.... He's a big sleeper. Please call or txt anytime if this sounds at all possible!

What's wrong with this picture!!!!!! NOPE it's not Leaving a service animal behind as one may have thought I would say. Although leaving the dog with a stranger well that's extremely dangerous.

But I want to go further then that. This is what is wrong!!!! And unfortunately it does come from the service animal community many of times...  Oh no did I just go there. Yep I sure did!!!! I've heard this over and over and over again.

The problem is that this poster thinks that Service Animals have Rights! WRONG!!!! It's not our animals that has rights people. They are our medical aids just like a wheelchair, a cane, etc. I know we all want to think that our animal is more then our medical aid but they under the law are just that (ie medical aid) and with that they are deemed as our property. Which means properties do not have Rights!

So it's not our animals that has rights,  It's PEOPLE and NOT just Anybody either! It's People with DISABILITIES that has the RIGHTS!!!! We the HUMANS with the Disability that have the RIGHT to HAVE our SERVICE ANIMAL to ACCOMPANY US for OUR MEDICAL NEEDS. PERIOD.... So telling people that while they dog sit our service animal for whatever reason, that they could use the animal (ie Our Medical Aid) to go into stores and or job is WRONG and gives the WRONG MESSAGE... That's the PROBLEM.

Oh I know some may say Oh this Person is a faker and therefore the dog is fake. We do not know that and like I said I have heard in the service animal community misguided individuals who has thought their animals have legal rights. We need to start Educating within so that way when we go out and about we are able to get the general public on the same page....

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