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When Meeting a Service Dog out in public.


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When Meeting a Service Dog out in public. Empty When Meeting a Service Dog out in public.

Post by Admin on Tue Jul 12, 2016 11:42 pm

Service - Assistance Animals - Dogs and Dogs in Training have special rules. Please remember that all working service animals are allowed in public and in some places dogs/mini horses in training have protected access also.

Some things that will help service Animal handlers and - or trainers including puppy raisers are:


Please Do Not talk to the dog or call its name or make any animal noises such as meowing, barking or kissing noises. (don’t distract a working animal in any way.)

Do allow the Assistance Animal and the individual to work as a team without any distractions.

Never offer food or toys to a service animal. This may cause digestive and - or behavior problems. They have their own special diet and time.

Nor pet the animal without permission first from the handler, nor send children to pet a service animal.. Never tell children service dog bites.

Do speak to the person and not to their dog when greeting an Service Animal Team.

Do Not interfere with the handler, he or she is trained to humanely correct their dog when a mistake has been made.

Do understand that releasing their dog to greet might distract the dogs attentiveness to their partner.

Do Not be insulted if touching the Service Animal is Not Allowed.

Thank You!!!

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