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West Jet Airline vs Service Dogs in Training

K9 Mama
K9 Mama

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Oh No West Jet Airline vs Service Dogs in Training

Post by K9 Mama on Sun Jul 03, 2016 12:06 pm

Admin wrote:Just an Update: The airline is now looking into a fix for this issue after many concerns came up.

Wow! Really!!! Now according to this article West Jet which is an airline based in Calgary, Canada. In the passed they allowed Service Dogs in Training to be on flight next to their trainers. But what I'm reading now is that their policy has changed and they now declare SDIT as pets and therefore must be in cages like all other pets as cargo.

That defeats the purpose of training a Service Dog for air travel.

Needless to say a lot of schools that uses West Jet is up in arms... The airline appears to be sighting the International Airline Transport regulations. I cannot remember what it says but I do remember that the IAT regulations was updated.

Well from the article it appears that the West Jet Airline is going to have a meeting with several schools to talk about this change in their policy. Hopefully they can come to a better understanding about the needs of service dogs in training on airlines.


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