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Free Avast Program


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Free Avast Program  Empty Free Avast Program

Post by Admin on Sun Jun 26, 2016 3:42 pm

Time for another review here. As we all know or at least we should be aware that our computers should be protected. Using Security especially anti virus, malware programmes whether free or paid. I'm always one that if I could I will use free. Not everything is that old saying 'You get what you pay for'. Sometimes free is just as good or better, even if it deals with security.

Although I do know some individuals that believe all they have to do is go and use online scanning. That's all well and good but that also defeats the purpose of having your computer secure not to mention the fact that one could effect other friends computers before scanning. It's like closing the barn door to keep the animals in after the fact they all ran out first. [my phrase not the standard people saying].

With that said, I have been using Avast Free Anti Virus for decades. Way back when Version 4 was up and running. The interface though small in sizing to see, it was still simple and user friendly, it even had where one could set it for blind users which I don't know how that laid out. When version 5 came around they made some majour changes with their interface. Still seem to be OK as far as being user friendly. This was fantastic that a programme still stayed accessible especially security programmes as I found Avast to be the best anti virus for me. Others may have another one that they like better.

Well I am at the second to last part of version 7 now and again Avast developers have made some majour interface changes as well as adding way too many programmes within, at least for my taste. But before I go into telling you all what is new. Let me tell you this is the only anti virus programme techies/developers that I know of that doesn't actually retire any one of their anti virus programme versions. So you could still use version 4 up to 7 if you prefer. And yes you could still download their older versions but must remember to use their clean utility in safe mode before installing.

In the older version just remember to uncheck either auto or let me know about programme updates so you don't have such pop up window annoy you. But the virus definitions have marked auto update and they will continue to do so. At least that's what these techies have said on their forum. That is what I probably will do myself being I don't like the new layout unless they listen to what I suggest and have it where we could change such things nor do I like more stuff within such programmes. I'm a person that likes anti virus programmes to do just that detect viruses even add into it malware which is ok too. All other stuff I prefer not to include. I will also add to this about Alt key shortcuts within the settings as some of those pages are too tall and cuts off some parts I cannot see.

So what does this version have that the other has. First their interface is set up just like window 8 is. Not sure if one could use screen reader on it or not and not sure if in the notification area if one could read as it use to be. For I do not have version 8 installed.

Although they still kept their Avast reputation [similar to WOT which I use], Sandbox which I had to disable do to the fact though setting was accessible but when it claimed a programme should be put into sandbox that pop up window was well cut off by it's knees. Couldn't get to the buttons to say OK or Cancel.

Now in V8. they included browser protection, [not sure exactly what that will do], browsers toolbar cleaner. [This will take out any unwanted toolbars that got added.] Although if avast has a toolbar I doubt that that would be removed. Also there's Software Updater which this is for all your programmes you have installed on your computer. I personally don't like when a programme tells you about updating this and that and that and this. My personal preference. Again I do not have version 8 and it's due to their new interface as well as other stuff added to this anti virus programme.

However if one wants to go to the new version but do not want every aspect that they are giving. It is recommended to download version 8. Uninstall older versions, Use their clean utility programme just to make sure everything is removed. Then install Version 8. Check Custom install and there a window will pop up with all those other components including Chrome browser and those third party toolbars. Then you should be good to go. Again remember within their pages there's the graphic pie for their shields. This may not work for those having screen readers. But if you are using version 7 that pie chart been there.

Again one does not have to upgrade to still have a good anti virus programme. Virus definitions will always update as long as you make sure you have it set to auto update of course.

Well that is my review about Free Avast Anti Virus. If you have a review of a programme you like to comment on, just chick new topic in this board.

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