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MagicJack, Plus!


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MagicJack, Plus! Empty MagicJack, Plus!

Post by Admin on Sun Jun 26, 2016 3:38 pm

Lately on groups, email listings and just in general I have been hearing a lot about Magic Jack mostly their newest one called Magic Jack Plus. A lot of issues seem to be happening with some people when using it so I did some research myself. confused

As you may or may not know that Magic Jack Plus could be used without actually having a computer. But what seems to be misleading or just not being so clear in the discription is the fact that even though you could plug into an electrical wall socket, elimination the need to power up your computer, you still need a high speed Internet connection to get the signal [4G] out there. From what I gather those using the Plus isn't quite aware that you still need an Internet connection. I know when I first looked into it I wasn't aware of such myself. So if you do not have a way to power up the Internet except for when your on the computer my suggestion would be forget Magic Jack Plus and just get Magic Jack.

The fact that your computer had to be turned on in order to make or receive calls irked some users. The new MagicJack PLUS can be plugged into a USB port and used just like the original. But it can also be plugged directly into a network router or an electrical wall socket, eliminating the need for a powered-on computer. As long as the device can get some sort of high-speed Internet connection - wired, wifi or a cellular 4G signal - it will work. So in that sense, Magic Jack is similar to other VOIP services like Vonage or Skype, which allow you to make phone calls over the Internet

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