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Update of ADA Accessibility Guidelines for Buses and Vans

K9 Mama

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Update of ADA Accessibility Guidelines for Buses and Vans

Post by K9 Mama on Fri Jul 15, 2016 1:15 pm

Rule making is underway to update the Board's ADA Accessibility Guidelines for Transportation Vehicles. In May, the Board completed work on a final rule that updates guidelines for buses and vans which is currently under review by OMB. The Board will publish the rule once cleared by OMB and will then proceed with rule making to update portions of the vehicles guidelines covering rail cars according to recommendations it received from an advisory panel it chartered, the Rail Vehicles Access Advisory Committee, which submitted its report to the Board last year.

k9-mama wrote:You may want to check out what the law is as of now pertaining to buses and vans. As soon as they put up the actual updates I will add it here on the forum. Here's the link:

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