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Issues with Facebook GRRRRRRR!!!!!!

Paul Willie D...#1
Paul Willie D...#1

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Issues with Facebook GRRRRRRR!!!!!! Empty Issues with Facebook GRRRRRRR!!!!!!

Post by Paul Willie D...#1 on Thu Oct 19, 2017 4:54 pm

Good Day Everybody,

I guess I do not have to tell you who I am because it's right there - winking Many people know me from being on Facebook as an Activist for people with disabilities... I along with my friend worked on the Facebook page which of course is the same name as this forum. We actually linked the forum to facebook though it was under a different server then this one. However this forumotion seems to be putting a lot more features then the old. Sorry I got off tracked here but just wanted to add a little background.

As Many of our members that's on Facebook knows that I am no longer on it. Why one may ask! Well I'll tell you... Oh boy I just realize I wrote what my partner here usually says. Rock On

The reason I am no longer on Facebook was because for some reason they stated there was an Unusual Activity the next time I logged in. It could be that because of all the Fake ads that they had from Russia that they just wanted to purged at random, because I never did anything that was unusual. I never request friends unless it was one or two within a week only or longer. I never spew hatred not even to those that did to me especially privately. I try being kind even to those that aren't with me. But what happened I do not know unless some hater didn't like one of my posts which they all are either about Service Dogs, Disabilities or the laws that affects us as people with disabilities.

The only thing I did a few minutes or about 15, was to check out this friend request I gotten to see who the person was. When I got to her page the profile photo was her big behind and you might as well say with what she was wearing she could have just been in her birthday suit. So I went and blocked her as I don't care for such display. The next thing I had to get off of facebook.

But when I came back on Bam!! I got a notice pop up after log on. Unusual Activity. Click to go forward and they asked me to put in a mobile phone number. Well one I do not have one. But after searching I was shocked to find out you could get an online one. And yes it works. However when I put this in I get a pop up saying I sent them too many codes. Excuse me!!!! You are suppose to send the code to me. Which they did not. reaction

So I say OK I'll just give it some time and then try again. Which I must not of gave enough time. But when I came back not long ago to do just that I get Your Account has been DISABLED!!! Suspect  That's just crazy because they don't seem to care about those that does violate their rules. And NO way in Sam Wheelies that I was going to send them any gov. ID form. They cannot even keep your privacy private. All the stuff you put on in profile other then real name, is you date of birth, and your phone number even though you set it for private there is a way to actually find it. Mostly Hackers can do it so easy. Yes I googled search to find how I could basically override and found how easy it was to actually hack in accounts. More on that....

I did open another account only to have the same thing happen within a week. I figured you disabled me so I cannot get to use it that I would just make another one up. Yet I know many people that have (most could be those hackers) more then one account. This is why I like our forum. It's private. You could put as much or as little about yourself in your profile.

Well that is what happen to me. Problem is that many of our members on facebook that was connected to me personally may not be aware of where I gone.

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