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Photobucket Issues


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Photobucket Issues Empty Photobucket Issues

Post by Admin on Sat Jul 08, 2017 5:07 pm

Although this is not a Log in issue. It did cause some havoc to our forum. Photobucket decided without giving anybody the heads up that they will no longer be supporting 3rd party linkups. At least if you are using their free programme. Because of this the forum icons and logo images caused them (ie Photobucket) to link up onto our forum with all sorts of images all over it saying to upgrade. To me that was an over kill.

So now I have deleted all the images from there and am using the forums Image hosting. I would have used this one before but I had photobucket for my other forum before that went belly up.

No problem now we are getting our images back up and putting them in place. Always good to back up everything on your computer so you have it just in case.

Thanks and enjoy.

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