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Uber Customer Service Non Responding to Complaint


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Uber Customer Service Non Responding to Complaint Empty Uber Customer Service Non Responding to Complaint

Post by Admin on Wed Feb 15, 2017 10:07 am

PwD-SD-Admin wrote:A member of our facebook page wrote about an issue with Uber Driver but mostly about their Customer Service lack of responds. I share this with all of you because we need to get this out in public to show them they cannot just ignore problems. Below is the person's post.

My driver refused to take me to a wheelchair ramp when I asked him to. Instead, he wanted me to step up on a really high step so he could lift the wheelchair onto the sidewalk for his convenience. Horrible service!, Reina G. · 02/13/2017, 10:17 AM
I have to elaborate more because the message box where I could provide more details about my problem only allows if you sentences. I use a wheelchair for long distance travel. I have nerve damage in both of my legs due to a rare condition called mitochondrial disease. While I can get into the car independently and such, I needed to find a wheelchair ramp when I got out because I went to the doctors. I argued with the driver for about five minutes while sitting in the street because he refused to take me to a ramp which was literally a few steps away. I am totally blind so did not know where the ramp was or else I would've taken myself there. Finally, I got so fed up with him because he refused to help me in the way I needed him too that I told him to just go ahead and go. He also grabbed onto my arm and tried to pull me in the wheelchair along Buy my arm rather than pushing it from the back and hurt me. That's inappropriate. I honestly demand my money back and I really should get free ride credit for this crap. I've never received such horrible service in my life. I sat out in the cold when I made him leave until someone else came along. I told the passerby my situation she was more than happy to help me get to the ramp so that I can get to the building. Thankfully I did not have to sit out in the cold very long. This is absolutely ridiculous! Uber drivers definitely need to be trained better on disability etiquette. First the disability community has to deal with service dog refusals, and then we have to deal with drivers like this who act inappropriately. Fortunately this is an experience I have never had before until today, this is way over-the-top. I have heard of other disabled people being miss treated by drivers or handled inappropriately, but I never had my taste of it until today. I am sad that I had to experience it for myself. Yes I have had rude drivers in the past who were inappropriate, but I never ever ever had to deal with it at this level as I have today. I am actually shocked and stunned that this would be allowed. I realize a rude driver happens here and there. It is the nature of the business when dealing with people. But what I experienced today definitely is quite stunning. I need to take time to recover from it., Reina G. · 02/13/2017, 10:37 AM
I need to ask is this going to get addressed soon or has Uber support gone downhill? Normally, I would have heard something hours ago for something of this kind. The night is nearly over and I have not received a response whatsoever. This is not like you guys at all. Please take care of this issue in a timely fashion and make it right. You guys are normally very good about making sure customers are happy and responding to issues quickly. I feel like you have dropped the ball., Reina G. · 02/13/2017, 7:07 PM
I am so shocked that Uber customer service has still not yet handle this issue that I had yesterday. I don't remember ever having to wait this long when I had a problem with a driver. I especially should not have had to wait this long since the problem with the driver is worse than any other problem I have ever had. If I don't get assistance by the end of today and if this issue is not rectified by the end of today, I will be forced to take this to social media and probably the mainstream media as well. This is absolutely ridiculous. I have never been treated this poorly by Uber. I am absolutely disgusted at the lack of care and concern that your customer service department has given me regarding this issue., Reina G. · 19 hours ago
It has been almost 72 hours since this issue had occurred, and I have heard absolutely nothing from your customer service department nor have I received any resolution to this issue. This is so unlike Uber customer service and I am absolutely disgusted. I just want you to know that completely ignoring me is not going to make the problem go away because now I'm going to make good on my promise as soon as I am fully awake. I am plastering this all over social media and I am going public. This is it. I have given you plenty of time to get back to me. It has never taken this long in all of my time dealing with your company. To say that I am absolutely disgusted doesn't even begin to explain how I feel. This is out of line. This definitely shows that you do not value me as a customer. Is it that you want to never deal with disabled people? Is it too difficult for you to do right by the disabilities community and make sure that we are treated with respect? In the past, you have always gone above and beyond to do that for me at least. But now, I'm starting to see what my friends have talked about. I'm sorry that I'm having this experience also in that the fact that Uber customer care doesn't even care about me. Well today is about to set a precedent. I've had enough. You were about to see that for yourselves., Reina G. · 1 second ago

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