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White House Pages from Obama is Now Archived.....


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Good White House Pages from Obama is Now Archived.....

Post by pwd-sd-awareness on Mon Jan 23, 2017 4:02 pm

On Facebook many of us were wondering about the new white house and it's tech staff when it comes to online pages. As you may or may not realize once the new President takes office they usually move the old into Archives under each former President. However with this Administration they must not know much about how one goes about such things for they did NOT make the files for thse pages (i.e LGBT, Disabilities, Climate Change, Energy, Health Care, etc.) Available to the public. It took them quite sometime to figure it out. Who knows the real reason. Maybe people started swamping the white house email box. Not really sure. However they are back up and is under Former President Obama as it should be....

Resource:  Disability, LGBT, Climate Change, Health Care pages

Scroll down to the bottom and there they are....Click the link to what you want to research.

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