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National History Museum ~ London


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National History Museum ~ London Empty National History Museum ~ London

Post by pwd-sd-awareness on Mon Jul 18, 2016 4:06 pm

Mark Hamill and his pet dog

Wow! Something I thought I wouldn't see when it comes to Hollywood Stars... This is always the problem with them going into places that's usually not pet friendly. Not actually claiming that their dogs are service animals just the fact that they are stars and who is going to deny them.

Even though this is in London Mark Hamill who played in Star Wars brought his pet dog with him to the National History Museum.

I take my hat off for the staff there that stopped him, mostly his dog from coming in being it's not a service dog. I'm glad they kept up with their No Pets Allowed Rules. I also must say that Mark didn't act rude or had his nose up in the air and obeyed their rules. His little doggie ended up in the car waiting for him. Hopefully it wasn't hot for the dog and his assistant was out there with the dog.

Personally I will say this may have been just a misunderstanding for he didn't get angry or upset or anything like that. Still I'm glad that this business didn't buckle under pressure of having a star there. Thank You National History Museum in London.


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