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Top Icons and Smileys

K9 Mama
K9 Mama

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Top Icons and Smileys Empty Top Icons and Smileys

Post by K9 Mama on Sun Jul 03, 2016 11:14 am

G'Day Members,

Top Icons are below when you post a topic. Unfortunately this forum they only have some default icons that we could use. So that is limited. However for the smileys (emoticons) that's on the left side which you could hide them if you like by clicking Toggle Smileys panel, I have added some of the old ones we had on the old forum that went belly up. The view more emoticons drop window you could pick which folder. By default it's only smiley 1 which is what your seeing now and smiley two. Which has some more that I added a bit larger then what your seeing.

As I go more and more will be added. Some will not as the animation for some reason goes much faster then I've seen them before. Such as the wow green explanation smiley flashed way too much which could cause issues with some members.

If by chance you don't see a smiley that you may think would be great to have here let us know. Give us a direct link to it and we will see if we could add it within.

Thanks and Enjoy!

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