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Educating ourselves

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 Educating ourselves Empty Educating ourselves

Post by K9 Mama on Sat Jul 02, 2016 3:48 pm

This is one of our older posts from the other forum but it still applies today.

Originally Posted: Mon Sep 22, 2008 10:56 am

I just got done blogging with another individual that has a guide pup in training. I am not quite sure but I believe that this person is owner training which is fine of course. Unfortunately this person is making a misconception about the ADA Laws and pups in training. Then at the end stated we need to educate the public. Say what! Educate the public when this person basically needs to be educated themselves. Why! Because giving half truths to others that may be new to the service animal world can cost them big bucks in the court system. A big miss justice!

It all started with this person venting because some stores they went into was denying access. The person would state basically about the ADA laws in which pups in training are NOT covered under such laws. They may be covered under the FHA and even DOJ (possibly) but not the ADA. So of course I couldn't just let it go because it's not fair to have people get misinformation about what is and what isn't our rights.

So I commented back! Without stating what that person said this is my comment especially when that person stated we need to educate people:

I like to take the time as you stated to educate. So here it goes, sorry but lets get the laws straight. There is a difference in the laws when it comes to pups in training whether it be for a school, private trainer or owner training, and a Service dog. It's all the same when it comes to the ADA laws.

Under the ADA Pups in Training are NOT Covered. So what does that mean is that the place of business has every right to deny you access until that pup in training is Individually Trained to perform tasks that benefits a person with a disability(s).

Pups in training are only covered under the FHA and the DOJ, NOT the ADA!!! However you would need to double check with your State and Local Laws and see what they have for (if any) pups in training.

Again it doesn't matter if one is training a pup for a school. Most schools would even state when confronted just leave. That's because these pups in training are not covered and they know it. Again we must get our facts straight by learning the laws!

I wasn't sure if this person would have even put it up but they did. I was shocked to for I didn't think the person would.

Although that person responded and here like I stated that person had their facts wrong. For this person gave me the CA State Law! And felt that they had the facts correct! Yes they did for the State but NOT the ADA.

My Respond back was this as I will not put their replies here for the individual is not a member here.

(quoted CA Law snip) This section is intended to provide equal accessibility for all owners or trainers of animals ethat are trained as guide dogs, signal dogs, or service dogs in a manner that is no less than that provided by the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (Public Law 101-336) and the Air Carrier Access Act of 1986 (Public Law 99-435)...

This here just proved my statement that this is not an ADA law but a State Law. That's what I was trying to say that the ADA does not Cover but your State Does. If the ADA would have cover such which it was never intended to by our forefathers it would be in their service animal section on their home page It is not! It is not even covered in the Dept. of Justice in which enforces these laws. NOTE: still true today under the new amendment that went into effect March 15, 2011.

However there are like this one from the States that do cover pups in training as well as emotional support animals too. Case in point: Minnesota does not!

I guess if you would have stated that it's a State law that includes pups in training I would have understood it better. But thank you for putting up your State law...
End My Response..

Yes this person also put this one up too. I am pleased they did so that way when others read this they will see the completed facts. Of course no more responding back even to say Oh I did misspoke or something. Oh well guess some people don't want to be told that they are wrong or even admit to it.

But seriously we need to educate ourselves first before we start educating others. After all we do our community more harm and more injustice when we add to all the misconceptions and misinformation that is already out there.

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