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Window 11

K9 Mama
K9 Mama

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Window 11  Empty Window 11

Post by K9 Mama Wed Mar 30, 2022 10:45 am

G,Day everybody, Yes it's been some time in here. So much dealing with everyday issues. Any hoot I took the plunged and bought me a newer computer. Laptop HP. Yes I know people don't like HP because of all the bloatware. But lets face it all computers have bloatware now.

I really couldn't pass this up because I actually only paid $10 more then my last computer that has Window 7. And yes it is still working quite well without security updates. Why because if you use third party security stuff on your computer that is active you don't have to worry about Microsoft or as many would say Microcrap. However I don't use Linux just nervous about it. Even though many does like it. With that said. I haven't actually started the setup yet but I been checking the websites to see.

1. The one thing I do not like is Microsoft dictating how I use my computer and Tracking my every move from the start. Yes they are forcing those of us to actually have an account with them. HOWEVER There is a way to actually bypass Microsoft Account during setup and it's not that hard. Here's the steps. Again I haven't done this yet myself but know it works.

a. Make sure you are not hooked up to the internet. Even though that is exactly what Microsoft wants you to do.

b. When you come to the screen during set up that says : Let’s connect you to a network press Shift and F 10 keys together. This will open up the command prompt window. The cursor is right there.

c. Type taskmgr That's T A S K M G R without the spaces. Not sure if screen reader works during setups or not. I don't use one myself but I do know these windows are small and you want to make sure you type it correctly. of course enter key and this will open a mini task manager window.

d. You want to click on More Details then make sure you are in the processes tab. I think by default you are. Once there scroll down to Network Connection Flow click on it then click End Task button which is on the bottom part of the screen. This will immediately terminate the process. Close out the task manager window and the command prompt window. You may even notice in the background that the Lets Connect you to a network window change. Either way you will notice that the Lets Connect you to Network window changed to Who's going to use this device. That is your Local Account. So put in whatever name you choose. Doesn't have to be totally spelled out . I've seen those talking about it put in Computer Tech. Just saying.

e. Now it says to add a password but they also stated you could bypass this at this time. So I think if people didn't want to have a computer that they may forget that password and I know some of my friends have in the pass I do believe you could just bypass this. I saw another video that showed this setup and when he got to what is a lock page with his user name (that's the name you put in at the who's going to use this device) and there was a button there that stated it looked like sign in button. When he clicked on that it just open into his Window 11.

And there you have it. Once I have a nice day where I could have this time to turn on my new computer I will do these steps and others as I need to set up some things within so I could actually see what I'm doing.

There are some things you cannot do like before like enlarge the task bar within. That looks like two different ways to do this and one I don't like is going into the registry editor. But this is for another time. I'm hoping this week unless real life hits me with stuff. thumbs up

I will keep you all informed of my progress. As I still have time with this computer if something happens I can send back. That's a policy that this play has. LOL

blushing Denise & between Service Dog at the time
Education is the Key to Knowledge,it's What you Do with It that Counts! Rock On
K9 Mama
K9 Mama

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Window 11  Empty Re: Window 11

Post by K9 Mama Wed Apr 06, 2022 4:00 pm

OK I turned on my window 11 laptop and I did find out that when I got to Lets Connection window it was showing wifi around me unfortunately. I wasn't able to use the step Shift fn F10 because there was an active wifi users. Many to be exact including one of the churches here. So I did remember that I read about airplane mode. So I looked for the airplane button and I was able to click the button and this turned off the wifi. Yeah.....

Once that was turned off I then was able to do the shift fn F10 together and that put me in the command prompt. From there I followed the steps and was able to bypassed the Microsoft account.

Of course I just started to do some setting changes so I could see everything in larger print. Like normal I had to change the scale from 100% to only 125% seem to be OK with that setting due to the fact that with window 11 they have separate settings for fonts and Icons.

After that I went to the font settings it's in Accessibility part and there's a toggle like on phones to slide it up and down and they have a sample text there so you could see before you click apply. But you do not have to restart your computer like one did in window 7. Yes I went from 7 to 11. My 7 still works. I just wanted to get a computer that was only $10 more then what I paid for 7.

OK Next thing is I right clicked on the desktop and went to view and did enlarge my icons there. And uncheck any grid or alignment so I could more any icons there to anywhere on the screen.

Still didn't connect to the internet yet because I do have to set my stuff there to higher enlargement to see. I never liked those magnifier screens on there as you cannot really set the scale.

Being I am left handed I also set my mouse (external) settings. Although the pad on this laptop is huge it stills feels better with a real mouse.

NOW some things that I do not like so far with window 11. The taskbar icons cannot be enlarged separately only through scale but if you have your scale too huge some of your programmes will not sit right. That's why I'm only at 125%. However there is a way to change that setting but you have to go into registry editor this I haven't looked into that. One reason I did find out that some of the window programme of windows that is their open window and fonts are small and that could be easily easy to make a mistake. I'll let you know if that's not the case with registry.

Next Widgets and it also looks like chat cannot be uninstalled so therefore they still run in the background again can change that in registry settings. I personally don't like giving Microsoft much information of what I do with my computer that I own.... Yes when on internet you can be tracked to somewhat but you don't have to be an open book.

Notepad is another issue I have because you cannot change the background color like you set up in window 7. Were you were able to set your active title bar verses nonactive with two different colors and set those font sizes there and then change the background color which I love the light soft blue instead of white. I have used notepad for text documents mostly even though notepad is where codes are made throughout windows.... So you have to make sure you don't put codes in there or that would mess up your computer.

I also didn't like how the App + Feature section that shows apps there and the uninstall part. You do have to click the 3 dots so you see what is there. The problem with that is it doesn't show right with the programme you may want to uninstall. Now that could be of the way my settings is. Therefore I will most likely use the slim CCleaner. As that is simple to use. Why slim? Because when you download that version you will NOT get any other crap that comes with it (ie other programmes you really don't want). You could also download portable but I am not sure if that would be slim too. I never did portable before.

Now with the network.... If you choose a different browser and want it to be default you have to change more then one settings I believe there is 6 of them from being Edge to whatever you want. Some people like Edge and it maybe great but it's Microsoft and they are a big tracker following what you do. Even if they claim not you will notice this yourself. But again some people like Edge and that's OK. I personally don't but I will say I did click on it even though I wasn't on the web and the settings I made to see what's on my computer effected Edge settings in a good way. Much larger title page and the colour was what I had.

Now speaking of color. Unfortunately if you are using the light theme those settings will not allow you to manually change the color on the taskbar nor on the start menu. I have issues with dark because the fonts then are all white and white fonts isn't really the best for me. Hopefully Microsoft will come with the conclusion that people like to change the colours there too without being in dark.
Though you could set light for one part and make some parts I think it just says windows don't remember now, dark.

I do like the icons in the taskbar in the center but they say you could change it to the left if you prefer. Some things were grayed out so I have to search to figure that out like changing time so it would match. Didn't like that as I like when you didn't have to go through hoops to get there.

Anyways so far I don't see much of an issue yet. But then again I didn't download Avast which I like more then defender. Last time I use defender was on ME. I remember I had an issue with Avast interface on window 7 the window was huge and I could not see the rest of it because it was off the monitor screen. But they did change their interface so you shouldn't have this issue anymore but I do now have a 17" monitor.

Well That's about it for now. I may download brave browser and check it out and maybe have firefox as a portable version. Not sure yet. I did here good things with Brave though not sure if sites like Bank sites will allow it. As many of those bank sites states what type of browsers is accepted. Just got to see.

Oh I also did check out their sticky notes which is still OK but you have an extra window where it pops up too which shows all your notes. To me it seems like it's nothing but being duplicated. Though I just found out that you could download their classic notes. If I got to download I may look for a better type where you could enlarge fonts better.

Well that's my updates so far.... More later.

blushing Denise & between Service Dog at the time
Education is the Key to Knowledge,it's What you Do with It that Counts! Rock On

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