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Connecticut Bill Creates Crime for Distracting Service Dogs


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Good Connecticut Bill Creates Crime for Distracting Service Dogs

Post by pwd-sd-awareness on Mon Apr 03, 2017 4:39 pm

I heard that there is a pending law in Connecticut that will make it a crime to actually distract service dogs. I do not know much about it as I looked on their site and of course nothing is in pending. Therefore I don't know what the penalty would be for this crime.

Personally I hope that it will not be a slap of the hand because I know many of us from all over the world has people distracting our service dogs. Whether it be barking at them, calling them or coming over and petting them.

If anybody has the url for this pending law. Not articles because they don't say much about it , please post it so we could read what that pending law actually says. Maybe then we could make a difference. Thanks.

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